The Shift TV – Control Room

Server Time:  16:00:00 (4pm)                                                          Current Server Date: 2017-05-17

Current Playlist:  The Shift Television

Video Now Playing:  Song 1   by  Artist Name

Start Time of Video:  16:05:00 Duration:  00:03:00   Current Time:  16:07:00 Time Remaining: 00:00:01

<Drag Video Here To Start>

Start time = set when I drag a video from the playlist to this section it populates with current server time and plays video on (this will need an AJAX to update when the next video is starting)

Duration = Populates from mp4 video properties

Current Time = Populates from Current Server Time

Time Remaining = Current Server Time – Start Time

Television Schedule

Video Start Time       Title of Video      Artist Name       Duration               Twitter                     

16:08:00 (hh:mm:ss)                     Song 2                       Artist Name              00:03:00               @twitterartistname

next video in playlist


I would like an AJAX table for this page that auto-loads all the the videos in the selected playlist (The Shift Television) to the above schedule and from then I can simply drag and drop to re-order them.

Each time it re-orders it will have to calculate the start time of the next track.

NEXT Video Start Time = Current Server Time – Start Time of Now Playing Video

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