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Instructions for Upload

  • Name the video “Artist Name – Song Name”
  • All videos should be .mp4 only
  • Videos should be no longer than 10 minutes long
  • All videos should be full HD at 1080p / 1080i for maximum quality
  • Unlike competitors we allow high quality audio – you can use .WAV if you like!
  • We cannot accept Youtube links or download them due to legalities and time constraints
  • We cannot accept  covers / remixes / songs with swearing or poor quality live music
  • You can always send us your music on a DVD / CD to the address below
  • Ensure you have read the T&C below
  • Your file should look like this:

Artist Name – Song Name.mp4

* Important – T&C Please Read *

By uploading your video(s), track(s), images, or any other media you confirming that:

  • you are the songwriter / owner
  • have the right to give permission and
  • you do give permission to play your music
  • PRS, PPL and any other similar bodies rights (in other countries) are wavered to The Shift to play your uploaded video(s), track(s) or use your any media on our live radio station, TV and at our events and anywhere else we may see fit to advertise your music and no monetary cost will be sought by you or any other party in relation to this submitted files.

We will also consider all uploads for our sales platform, The Shift Music.

If you would like to be played on our radio station and gain even more exposure we recommend sending us any DVD / CD’s to our hosts at:

The Shift TV, 1 Manchester Road, Burnley, BB11 1HQ

If you would like to apply to do a live performance on our Monday Night Live show, keep informed about open mic nights in different areas and if you are interested in live events such as Burnley, Manchester and Liverpool Live and Unsigned you can join our database here:

We also offer other services here: Our Services


“The Shift is global; consistently and increasingly providing a real platform for unsigned and independently signed music”

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