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The Shift Television is about to launch 24/7 in the coming months and will be one of the only visual platforms that play 100% independent music just like the radio with no annoying advertisements.

We believe that you should be seen at a higher quality with today's technology.  We therefore only accept 1080p Full HD (1920px x 1080px) MP4 videos.

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  • - PRS, PPL and any other similar bodies rights (in other countries) are wavered to The Shift to play your uploaded video(s), track(s) or your other media on our radio station, TV, at events, and anywhere else we may see fit to advertise your music and no monetary cost or other cost will be sought by you or any other party in relation to any submitted files.

NOTE: Videos with profanities will be refused. We will also consider all uploads for our up and coming sales platform, The Shift Music.

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If you would like to be played on our radio station and gain even more exposure we recommend sending us any DVD / CD’s to our hosts at:

The Shift Radio Station, 1 Manchester Road, Burnley, BB11 1HQ