The Shift Music

“A Platform for Independent Talent”

Our Mission Statement

“The purpose of The Shift is to spark a revolution which leads to a change in the way we approach the arts and entertainment industry.”


Imagine a new sales platform… One that doesn’t take any profits or percentages.

Imagine one place where your fans can buy your MP3’s, CD’s and merchandise.

There’s no need to imagine!


What is The Shift Music?  The Shift Music is a sales platform exclusively for artists playing on The Shift Radio.

We are are now accepting submissions via email and will be adding new artists regularly.  Artists will use the platform to sell their music, art and merchandise.  We will be adding a button to link to your profile when your music is played on The Shift Radio.

Artists will be able to manage their products and access their own sales reports….  Power to the people!

What We Do For You

All for a small monthly charge you will have your very own shop where you can sell merchandise, art and music.

We want to encourage you to stay independent and in control.  Gone are the days where you need to submit to one of the ‘big 3′ record labels (also known as corporations).

Every time your music is played a notice will go out to the thousands of listeners who follow us on social media and have an option to buy.  This will help with your promotion as we have a combined 100,000 + fan base and rapidly rising.

Get Involved

Sign up and Upload your music!

Future Implementations


App Finalized

Connect The Shift Radio, TV and When Your Music is Played

Subscription of Vendors on The Shift Music

Custom Merchandise

The Shift Music

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