The Shift Music

“A Platform For Independent Talent”

Our Mission Statement

“The purpose of The Shift is to spark a revolution which leads to a change in the way we approach the arts and entertainment industry.”


We platform independent music worldwide via The Shift Radio & The Shift Television.

You can also add skills via your dashboard for local & global events!

And… you’ll soon be able to buy music from independent artists and they’ll receive 100% royalties!


What is The Shift Music?  The Shift Music is a forthcoming sales platform exclusively for artists playing on The Shift Radio & The Shift TV.

We are are now accepting submissions via our upload page and will are regularly adding new independent artists  

We aim to make it easier for artists / indepedendent labels to self manage their tours, finances and create a steady foundation for the artist at a reasonable cost…  Power to the people!

What We Do For You

We want to encourage you to stay independent and in control.  Gone should be the days where you need to submit to one of the ‘big 3′ record labels (also known as corporations).

We don’t only platform music and music videos worldwide like no other we also promote to thousands of music fans which we accrue and work on building up daily. 

We have a promotion reach of over 1 million to like-minded creatives, music lovers, and artists through our combined 100,000 + fan base & rapidly rising!

Get Involved

Upload your music for airplay on The Shift Radio and The Shift TV!

Recent Implementations


All your profile centralised – DONE!

Biography – Up to 3 main skills – DONE!


Future Implementations


Release of Iphone App – Immediate

Searchable skill & events database – 3 months

Subscription of Vendors on The Shift Music – 6 months

(Times subject to change and are ideal estimates)

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