The Shift Top 10

The Top 10 Tracks on The Shift Radio Station!

# Cover Artist Title
1Bobby Treacle's CartelBattleships of Stars
2Rebel Tramp Ft Shaun CharltonSymphony Of Dreams
3CozmicsoulfireI Adore You Dance Remix
4Claiming NeptuneLet Me Let Go
5Dharma KingsJehovah's Lament
6Under A BannerNumbers
7Debbie vanBoEvil Man
8Tony CuffeTail Toddle
9METAPHYSICALGene Roddenberry Theory
10Chris WatkinsThey Can't Hurt You Anymore

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A Flock of Crows

By Malka

A Good Man

By J.Delfino

A Hat, a Glass and a Finger

By The Amber Bugs

A Little Bit Of Us

By Calle Ameln

A Million Little Trees

By Kerosene Stars

A New Spark

By Scott Freeman

A Place More To Stay

By Mat Skinner

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