The Shift Top 10

The Top 10 Tracks on The Shift Radio Station!

# Cover Artist Title
2Brad McKinneyThe Picture He Carries
3Russell FoisyPride
4Tristram TrevelyanIn Perpetuity
5Dani KempDandelion
6Guy Paul ThibaultSaving Grace
7The Wylde ThingsThe Night Belongs To Us
8Tanya G / PalefaceCan't Feel Your Love
9Meg DohertySundown
10Judy GranvilleHide Away

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By Deejay Imortal

(Shut Up) Shuffle And Deal

By Electric Haze

1000 Lives

By CJay

50 Paranoid Thoughts

By Duffy & Bird

50 Years

By The Village

64 White Lies

By Twister


By Blue Ribbon

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