The Music Revolution

Our Mission Statement:

“The Purpose of The Shift is to spark a revolution which leads to a change in the way we approach the arts and entertainment industry.”

Our Platform

We aim to provide the best possible global platform for independent music (and beyond).  Not only are we now unique where we play 24/7 music streaming radio but we are also playing your videos 24/7.

Our continual improvements now means that we must ask for subscriptions.  This is to make it possible to create a platform so huge that it rivals, or even is an improvement on, the biggest platforms that have millions to billions at their disposal.

We intend to continually make the platform better, user friendly and app friendly which costs us in massive development fees and expenses.  The reality is that we can only do this using the subscription method – all whilst improving our promotion techniques to get more listeners for you!

Our Promotion

We promote over 8 successful Twitter accounts which are ever growing and creating more fans for us and your music.

This promotion focuses on music lovers of all genres that may like to hear your music and not the commercial music we hear so often.

In order to compete with ‘BIG 3’ record labels (most are now combined into 3 large companies) the only way is if we do this together and play non-stop independent music.  We need to change minds and improve the music industry.   We need to create… ‘The Music Revolution’!

Join Us

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