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Welcome To The Shift Radio Station!

The Shift Radio Station is a GLOBAL platform for independent talent to be heard... and it's like no other!

The arts & music industry has CHANGED and it's more difficult for independent artists than ever.

Statistically few are promoted and fewer are able to SURVIVE from radio airplay or streaming sites!

Why Choose The Shift? Why Subscribe For Airplay?

- With no advertisements we can platform independent talent for over 4 hours more PER DAY!

- We promote your music to an average exposure reach of 1 MILLION dedicated music fans and like-minded fellow artists!

- We offer a nothing to lose "100% win-win" - no squabble - FULL REFUND on your last payment.

Use our easy, professional & efficient uploader which ID tags, embeds your cover image AND uploads in 3 easy steps!

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Although you will still need to upload if you would like to gain even more exposure we recommend sending us any DVD / CD’s to our hosts at:

The Shift Radio Station, 1 Manchester Road, Burnley, England, BB11 1HQ