Look At What Youve Done

About The Sign Of Leo

The Sign of Leo is an IndieRock band from Groningen, The Netherlands. The band creates a broad pallet of sounds that culminates in a melodic and atmospheric rocksound with a melancholic touch. The music of The Sign of Leo is rooted in the history of popmusic with influences from the 60's, 70's and faint echoes from the early 80's and in doing so create a unique sound of their own. From The Beatles and Pink Floyd to Todd Rundgren, from early King Crimson to Talk Talk and from Echo & the Bunnymen back to The Doors. Eurosonic states the following: “the band has multiple influences from Bowie to Talk Talk and from Neil Young to Tears for Fears” You can hear the craftsmanship in all the songs. A “sign” that it’s really very good.
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