Sophia Malennie Mathias Elevator Pitch A budding singer and songwriter, Sophia Malennie Mathias is bound to tantalize her audience with a blend of electronic, pop and dance music. The allure of her art is not only restricted to the music she produces, for her songs incorporate intriguing metaphors about life. From humble beginnings, Sophia aspires to aim high, drawing inspiration from the likes of Taylor swift and Yuna to achieve excellence. Biography An Iban native from Sarawak Malaysia, Sophia Malennie Mathias is an ambitious, independent singer and song writer who is commencing her career in the music industry. Sophia’s music is centred around the dynamic genre of Dance music, with a hint of Malaysian culture. Composed by Malaysians, her music possesses a spectacularly unique style and arrangement which is bound to enamour her listeners. Sophia prides herself in representing the Sarawakian people, as the first blooming female artist to have set foot in the musical arena. Having incorporated the use of a native Malaysian instrument in one of her songs, she has aptly delineated her gumption to experiment with music, harnessing the power of creativity along the way. While working as a government servant for the Malaysian government, Sophia records her eloquent songs in the Longan Garage Studio. With the intent of not only producing euphonious music but also integrating metaphor into her song writing, she has developed titles such as “Burn your castle to the ground, what goes around comes around” and “We were born to make mistakes, not to be perfectly fake”, which are bound to make the listener contemplate over sophisticated and sentimental concepts like Karma and Self-Acceptance. Even amongst her songs there exists contrast between various themes, from Edgy music with Red Lights and Flame overlays to vibrant tunes signifying attitude and the process of glowing up. What truly makes Sophia an inspirational individual is the positivity she exudes. Building one’s career is a gradual process and Sophia’s emphasis is always on never giving up, consistently persevering, and striving for success along the way. She attributes this mindset to self-sufficient artists like Taylor Swift and Yuna, whose success is a testament to their passion for singing and song writing. For Sophia, enthusiasm and fervour for music are forces driving her will and ambition. With her first album titled “Atmosphere” set to be released on the 31st of January 2022, Sophia plans to continue writing and singing even more songs, expanding her song writing palate by treading into different genres, while also exploring the skill of improvisation. As a long-term goal, she wishes to organize a successful tour in order to showcase her talents live. Without a doubt, Sophia’s determination and spirit will take her to new heights in the music industry.
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